In Lawrence County we take pride in our workforce and future work force. A large part of what we do in the Lawrence County Community Development Association is educating our existing workforce and working closely with our Lawrence County School District to prepare our students to enter the workforce in the future. One key way we are ensuring we have an educated workforce is with the ACT WorkKeys as a Certified ACT WorkReady Community.

What is an Certified ACT Work Ready Community?

ACT Work Ready Communities (WRC) empowers states, regions and counties with data, processes and tools that drive economic growth. Participants are leveraging the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) to measure and close the skills gap — and building common frameworks that link, align and match their workforce development efforts.

What People Say

“ACT Work Ready Communities is a great win for the local community. By using Work Keys, we are able to recruit locally for better retention and lower costs and keep our roots in the community in good paying jobs. This provides for the continued economic growth of our community. It’s truly a win for everyone.”

Trudy Haszlauer, Labor Relations Manager, NV Energy

Lawrence County Residents Performance

Lawrence County, as of May 2018, has been certified as a ACT Work Ready Community and many of the Lawrence County residents have excelled in the program. Follow the link to learn more about ACT WorkReady Communities and Lawrence Counties performance as an ACT WorkReady Community. As of September, Southwest Mississippi became the first ACT WorkKeys Certified region in the state of Mississippi.

Employers in Lawrence County that recognize
or recommend the ACT Work Keys NCRC

Telesouth Media/ SuperTalk Mississippi Mike Rozier Construction Company
Franklin County Memorial HospitalTempStaff
Lawrence County Chancery Clerk Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce
Southcentral Mississippi Works: Local Workforce Development AreaGeorgia- Pacific Monticello
D & D TradeTown of Monitcello
Jayco Gas & SupplyLawrence County Family Practice
Lawrence County HospitalLawrence County Community Development Association
Town of New HebronCopiah-Lincoln Community College


Lawrence County holds a rich history which has led to a diverse county of people and employees. According to research, Lawrence County has a Labor Force NSA of 404, 590 within a 60 mile radius with a 5.80% unemployment rate. That means 23,466 people in a 60 mile radius of Lawrence County are actively looking for a job! Want to know more about Lawrence County demographics? Click below!

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