Lawrence County

Community Development Association

“Let’s build something together!”

Who We Are

We, at Lawrence County Community Development Association, are an office dedicated to the economic growth in our area. We strive to attract new business and industry, support existing business and industry, and move towards a brighter future for our community.

What We Do

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to be a leader in creating

opportunities for economic investment

and working to keep existing economic

investments in the county, thereby

raising the per capital income for all

citizens of Lawrence County.”

In support of this mission statement, we are committed to:

Being responsive to local business and industry

Preserving a positive business environment in Lawrence County

Facilitating technology in the area colleges into our community and school system, such as, becoming a certified ACT Work Ready community

Supporting other positive community efforts which improve our quality of life and yield economic benefits

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Lawrence County Community Development Association
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