Investment Protection

The Lawrence County Fire Service is composed of three (3) municipal volunteer fire departments, one (1) municipal career fire department, and one (1) countywide volunteer fire department. The municipal volunteer fire departments are third-party organizations that provide fire protection via contract to the municipalities. Additionally to the volunteer fire department, the Town of Monticello employees a career fire department.

While mostly composed of Volunteer Firefighters, the Lawrence County Fire Service has accumulated thousands of hours of certification training with personnel being trained in all of the following areas:

  • Basic Firefighter (NFPA 1001, I-II)
  • Pumper Driver/Operator (NFPA 1002)
  • Fire Officer (NFPA 1021, I-II-III-IV)
  • Fire Inspector (NFPA 1031, I-II)
  • Fire Investigator (NFPA 1033)
  • Fire Life and Safety Educator (NFPA 1035, I-II-III)
  • Fire Instructor (NFPA 1041, I-II-III)
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations (NFPA 472)
  • Hazardous Materials Technician (NFPA 472)
  • Rope Rescue (NFPA 1006)
  • Confined Space Technician (NFPA 1006)

This training has resulted in large areas of unincorporated Lawrence County attaining fire classification improvements of an Eighth Class (from the worst classification of a Tenth Class), leading to substantial homeowner’s insurance premium decreases making it significantly cheaper to live in unincorporated Lawrence County than most counties in our area.

The municipalities of New Hebron and Silver Creek also enjoy an Eighth Class Fire Classification.
The Town of Monticello has the only career municipal department in the county and boasts a Sixth Class Fire Insurance Classification—the smallest municipality (population 1,571 at the time of the classification) in the history of the State of Mississippi to earn such. MFD personnel oversee the enforcement of the 2006 International Fire Codes (IFC), the adoption of which helped the Town of Monticello to earn their current classification (the Town of Monticello adheres to the 2006 International Building Codes).



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