Health Care

Hospital-logoLawrence County Hospital, since 1960, has provided community care. The 25 bed hospital features 125 employees and since October 2001 has been a division of Southwest Health Systems. In early 2002, Lawrence County Hospital was designated as a Critical Access Hospital.

Physicians are plentiful for the population in Lawrence County:

  • 6 general medical clinics employing 4 family physicians and 5 nurse practitioners in Monticello
  • 1 general medical clinic employing 1 family physician and 1 nurse practitioner in New Hebron
  • 1 pediatric medical clinic employing a pediatric nurse practitioner in Monticello
  • 2 physical therapy facilities in Monticello
  • 2 speech therapy facilities in Monticello
  • 1 dialysis clinic in Silver Creek
  • 3 family dentists located in Monticello
  • 2 optometrists located in Monticello

Lawrence County Nursing Center is also a first class extended care facility for full care patients located in Monticello.